For Professionals

Beautiful Minds provides early childhood mental health consultation to health care professionals, educators and paraprofessionals to better identify, prevent and respond to mental health issues among young children in their care.

For Children

Beautiful Minds offers comprehensive screening, assessment and treatment for children from 2 months old to 6 years old to identify potential challenges, provide intervention and assist child to reach their full potential.

For Parents

Beautiful Minds provides Positive Parenting (Triple P) training, offers  practical strategies to increase confidence in parenting. Beautiful Minds specializes in Child Parent Psychotherapy (CPP) to support children experienced stressful events.

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"Fathers are just as Important as Mothers...."

Our Mission

Beautifulminds’ mission is to assist parents to understand emotions and behaviors of young children, support their confidence in parenting and strengthen child-parent relationship.

Beautifulminds specializes in promoting optimal social, emotional and mental health development of young children aged 0-6 through dyadic play and group play.

Beautiful Minds believes that all children are special and that each child deserves to be respected and cherished. Working with young children is an honor and a blessing .

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